About Us



Background and Development

Arkan Arzesh Company has been established in 2003 in order to participate in development and prosperity of the country, aiming to serve Islamic Republic of Iran in the direction of global growth as well as exporting of engineering and technical services abroad,exchange knowledge and technology and provide specialized expertise. Arkan Arzesh benefits from a team of well-experienced, specialized engineers and managers who have gained vast and various professional experiences in different kinds of project development before the foundation of the company.

Mission Statement

Arkan Arzesh Company has based its business activities on a combination of remarkable professional background and up-to-date science and progressive technology to gain full knowledge of the market and customers’ needs. Then the company provides its services by bringing together managers and human resource specialists with a combined knowledge and harmony creation toward organizational mission to achieve the highest quality, right and rapid implementation, offering a competitive price to its customers.Arkan Arzesh Company is dedicated to elevate the level of knowledge and continuous follow up of professional activities, training of multiple skills, developing and encouraging accountability, responsiveness as well as controlling of activities for effective achievement of its organizational mission.


Arkan Arzesh Company by building an agile organization and attracting or recruiting skilled and creative workforce with optimal performance in teamwork and professional ethics to be known as a superior and famous brand civil and construction industry of the country with the aim of value creation and our customers’satisfaction.

The Organizational chart

Arkan Arzesh Company aiming to create appropriate and effective internal competencies and capabilities for a productive management and successful operations and services, has designed and implemented organizational chart which consists of the following sections:
  • Managing Director
  • Engineering and technical manager
  • Business and commercial development manager
  • Procurement manager
  • Operations manager
  • Project manager (Project Management Office)
  • Planning and design manager
  • Human resource development manager
  • Quality control manager
  • Finance and Administration manager

The Value Statement

Arkan Arzesh Company in carrying out its activities is deeply committed to the following values:
  • Value creation for beneficiaries
  • Commitment to quality, excellence, and professional ethics
  • System orientation
  • Innovation in services

Provision of investment packages:

Designing and putting to practice the financial provision methods (on the basis of internal/international investment);Designing the business program and the vindication plan;The commencement and management of the company-projects (GC);The mending and optimization/ the buildings usage change and installations in different buildings as a co-incidence with the exploitation;Execution of construction and mechanical installations, electricity and precise tools;Consultation and delivery of goods and equipment provision as well as specialized services;Provision and presentation of new technologies in the field of installations and optimization of electricity consumption;Consultation and engineering supervision;Consultation and managerial supervision of the project;Participation in international cooperation plans aiming to optimize construction technology (Joint Ventures);The real estate and tenement operation and management;Emphasis on servicing in the following fields of activity:
  • — The official, house, and tall buildings services,
  • — The hotels, the recreation touristic and welfare centers;
  • — The health centers, hospitals and clinics;
  • — The educational, cultural, cinematic, recreation and sport complexes;
  • — The commercial and shopping centers and MALLs;
  • — The oil, petrochemical, industrial and pharmaceutical industries;
  • —The civil infra-structural installations,
  • The water and gas transfer system;
  • — The other related fields.

Presentation of the company’s projects

The installations mechanical an electric company “Arkan Arzesh” in 12 years sincere servicing to the state’s engineering society, in cooperation and accompany of customer, employers with the continuous the colleagues’ endeavors and the company’s manpower has succeeded to accomplish more than 20 conspicuous big projects successfully.Value appreciation for customers and beneficiaries, delivery of service to the community, fairness/trustee, group works for group success, permanent commitment to organized function and constant quality amelioration of the job for attaining the optimization, the main values of the company is and will be in delivering services to customers and respectful employers.The indexes and characteristics of some projects in Arkan Arzesh Company are:
  • Renovation and amelioration of Parsian Insurance central building,
  • The commercial center , the recreation and sport complex in Ajudanieh,
  • The Garden Holly Defense Museum,
  • The cinema Hall (Pardis) of Mellat Park in Tehran
  • The Azadi cinema in Tehran,
  • The Moheb Hospital in Tehran,
  • The Adineh Commercial Center in Chalus,
  • The commercial complex in Panorama International Tower,
  • The Renovation and amelioration of Shahid Hasheminejad Hospital in Tehran,
  • The Jafrud Recreation Center,
  • The logistic building and the Ariasasul Chemical Compound storage,
  • The nurses club (Banooye Aftab)
  • The Ajoodanieh Tower in Tehran,
  • Doctor Ansari (100 beds) Hospital,
  • Bustan Madar (the mothers’ park),
  • The Negah Specialized Ophthalmology Hospital,
  • The installation renovation of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (A) Mahdieh in West of Tehran,
  • The Bank Saderat of Iran recreation complex,
  • The Golestan commercial/official building,